Monday, May 22, 2017

Forbidden Attraction

Forbidden Attraction
By: MarieCarro


To Edward Masen, Bella Swan was nothing more than his daughter's best friend. That all changed when they both applied for the same weekly writing course. She didn't appear to be the young girl who had played with his daughter since her family moved in next door. What will Edward do when he realizes that he's developing a very forbidden attraction for a woman much too young?

Breaking the Abusive Silence "COMPLETE"

Breaking the Abusive Silence
By: Ms. Jessica Cullen


When Bella's mom dies of breast cancer, Bella moves to Forks
 with her dad in hopes of a better life. 
Charlie succumbs to alcoholism and starts abusing her.
 Edward Cullen torments her as well, but when shes forced to go to him,
 her bully, for help, can he?

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Angst - Bella, Edward
 - Chapters: 31 - Words: 107,029 - Reviews: 1,809 - 
Favs: 1,961 - Follows: 713 - Updated:Jul 2, 2010 -
 Published: Apr 2, 2010 - Status: Complete - id: 5863583

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables "WIP"

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
By: LyricalKris


The wake of a tragedy—a school shooting—has farreaching
 consequences. Edward was living his life as though he had to make
 up for the four people who died in front of his eyes. 
Bella's life had been blown apart before it really started.
 Two strangers who happened to come back to the scene of the
 crime on the same day.

The Blessing "WIP"

The Blessing
By: highlanderprincess


After his brother dies in a car accident, Edward returns to his 
hometown to raise the little boy that was left behind.
 But raising a baby alone isn't easy, especially for a man who
 has spent the last few years partying and avoiding responsibilities.
 Can his beautiful bookworm neighbor be his saving grace? 
Daddyward. Lemons.

I Will Try "NEW"

I Will Try
By: StillDreaming85


My ex-boyfriend came crashing back into my life after he got fed-up
 dealing with mycrazy family's issues. Former Marine Cullen, 
turned P.I. says he is back to protect me, 
whether I like it or not. I guess that's how we ended up in bed together.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Two Makes Five

Two Makes Five
By: xXTailoredDreamsXx

Sequel to TMT-
 Bella and Edward have adjusted well to their new life as a family of 5,
 but they're about to learn once again, that a life worth living, is truly never easy.
 Will their relationship be able to withstand all their new obstacles after
questionable opportunities and outside influences penetrate their seemingly perfect life?
 Or will the turbulence knock them off course?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Still Waters

Still Waters
  By: bornonhalloween

A stressed-out grad student hiding from the world finds a mountain man of
 few words and quiet strength. Still waters do run deep. E/B, Rated M
Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Bella, Edward - Chapters: 7 - 
Words: 22,324 - Reviews: 1,031 - Favs: 730 - Follows: 905 - 
Updated: Oct 16, 2016 - Published: Sep 20, 2016 - Status: Complete - id: 12157301