Monday, November 7, 2016

Beyond the Bedroom: A Twilight Fanfic Contest

Beyond the Bedroom: A Twilight Fanfic Contest by Beegurl13

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We like smut. We looooooove smut. But! It's not all about glistening folds and
 pulsating penises and thrusting deep and orgasming five times when you were
 a virgin two minutes ago. So write us some original lemons. Awkward sex. 
Unexpected sex. Kinky sex. Hilarious sex. Sexy sex that avoids cliche terms 
like 'moist love canal'and such. Also, maybe some story around sex so that it's 
not entirely PWP. Heh.
We're not going to disqualify anyone on the basis of 'not original enough,' so
 just give it your best shot.

HOSTS: Snowflakelover, Lotus Wright, and MissBreakingSanity
VALIDATORS: Archy12 and vampbirch
SECRET KEEPERS: SandPrincess13 and Sunflowerfran
EMERGENCY BETA: Alice's White Rabbit
JUDGES: Dooba, Beegurl13, Nolebucgrl, Fyrebyrd, Dustybritches01 and GemmaH


  1. Woo-hoo! The only thing better than a Twific contest is a Twific Contest centered around lemons. I can't wait to get my scorecard filled in for this one. And the prompts are fabulous! (I had to look up PWP on UrbanDictionary LOL)

  2. Completely agree with LP-B! can't wait to check out these stories!