Monday, September 15, 2014

Open Arms

Open Arms
by karencullen2007
  Edward is a vamp and Bella is human. This will be a dark Edward.
He trusts no one with his girl, especially the wolf. He also let's the guys
 at school know just who Bella does in fact belong to. Very possessive and
 controlling of his mate. There will be very sensitive material. Something
 happens that changes all their lives. Characters will be OOC. This is NOT
for Jake lovers. Mature readers only! This fic will have lots of graphic sex scenes.
 So take head of this warning. Also there will be attempted rape in this story.
Keep in mind that I Do NOT in any way shape or form agree to any kind of
violence that will take place in this story. This story is not meant to offend
anyone in any nature. You have been warned ahead of time

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